Book Review:The Present

The Present by Spencer Johnson is a quick and easy read. It’s the story of a young man’s journey to adulthood during which he is constantly reminded of a story he heard from a wise old man about the present, a mysterious gift. This Present is the most valuable gift according to the old man because it doesn’t change with time.

This interesting book emphasizes on four key points:
1. Focus on the present (the best gift)
2. Learn from the past
3. Plan for the future
4. Have a goal

It is an excellent short, little book which gives a better perspective of life. The valuable lesson of living in the present is presented in this book in a very simple and interesting manner.The story tells you about a wonderful gift which can’t be found in the past or the future but only in the present. This precious present will make you happy forever. Present is a gift- a very valuable and precious gift and that’s why it is called a present.

A very powerful quote that I learnt from this book- “It is hard to let go of the past if you have not learned from the past. As soon as you learn and let go you improve the present.”

Most of the miseries in our life result from the fact that we dwell too much on the past and are unable to let go. Only by letting go and focusing on the present, we can improve our present and future. Happiness is right at this moment but we keep searching for happiness somewhere in the future.

I would recommend this wonderful little book to anyone who needs a gentle reminder not to dwell on the past or stress about the future but live in the present moment.

Originally published: 2001

Author: Spencer Johnson

Genres: Fiction, Psychological Fiction

No. of Pages: 112 pages
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