APDchronicles (Stupid logic)

Some people come in your life as lessons and some as blessings. I am fortunate to have met many lovely people on my spiritual journey who have not only been wonderful companions but also have helped me to grow on the spiritual path in one way or the other. APD is Krishna’s blessing whom I met at temple when I was going through a very low phase of my life. He is a sincere devotee and an amazing human being. For me, he is a great friend but more than that, my spiritual mentor and guide. He encourages me to read Srila Prabhupada’s books and often discusses with me what all I have read. He is very patient to answer all my doubts and queries with the most logical answers.

Though I am inclined towards spirituality, but still I sometimes want logical explanations and will not be convinced if something doesn’t make sense to me. APD is the one I turn to when faced with such dilemmas. ISKCON has very strict rules and regulations, especially when it comes to one’s diet. They recommend eating only Krishna prasadam. Anything which we can’t offer to Krishna shouldn’t be eaten and that means no non-vegetarian food, no tea/coffee (caffeine), no onions and garlic in food etc. I was a coffee addict but I quit coffee a few months back. Shifting to food without onion and garlic was the biggest challenge. It still is, as I face a lot of opposition from my family who relentlessly try to convince me that onion and garlic are also vegetables. Though I had no problems in adjusting to food without onion and garlic but quitting chocolates is proving to be a bit difficult for me.

When it comes to chocolates, resistance is futile. Since chocolates also contain caffeine, so eating dark chocolates is prohibited. I have been avoiding eating chocolates but I have not told so to my parents because they know how much I loved chocolates and they already feel that I am turning to be some kind of ascetic or monk. A few days back, APD and I had a conversation where I jokingly told him that chocolates are made from cocoa plant and therefore chocolate is a salad. The conversation led to this illustration which I have termed as ‘APDchronicles’. I plan to do some more in the series. Stay tuned!


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    1. Hahaha…I have been trying to do that but in vain. Dark chocolates contain caffeine and thus not recommended 🙁

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