That Rainy Day (Micro Fiction)

She is hurriedly walking towards her home. She always takes the same way while returning from her tuition. It’s a shortcut but the road is not widely used.

Clouds thunder again and she shudders with fear. It’s dark as the clouds have engulfed the sun. The deserted road makes her feel unsafe. Suddenly a car stops beside her. She recognizes one of the three guys inside. Atul is the rich, spoilt brat of her class. He offers her lift as it’s started to drizzle now. In a jiffy, all the horrible crimes of the recent past flash before her eyes. She fearfully looks at the car and meekly says no. She starts to walk but Atul blocks her way. “You know how to drive na?” he asks. His friends have also come out. “This road isn’t safe, especially on a day like this. Take my car.” She stares dumbfounded as he hands her the key and walks away.

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



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