Happy birthday, Dear Friend

Some people come in your life as blessing. APD is one such blessing. He is my friend, mentor and guide. I wrote this poem for his birthday early this year. May God bless our friendship now and always!

With each passing day, I realize you are my perfect friend
Your kindness and affection shall lead me till the end.
Wish you a very happy birthday and treasures manifold
And abundant blissful moments that your heart can hold!
May you always be resplendent with amazing grace
With endless means of bliss that you gladly embrace!
Your days be immersed in prayers that never cease
And the master’s blessings be your guiding light of peace.
Not just today, but may every day be a celebration
Lost in the service of the divine with utmost dedication!
O dear friend! May love and humility make you shine,
Unvexed by storms like the candles around a shrine!

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved




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