This Restless Heart…

Love can be quite frustrating at times, espcially when your love is not reciprocated. You play guessing game endlessly, try to read in between the lines and decipher his every action for just a clue.

Be still my strangely aching heart
Languishing after your strange, sweet charm
A smile, a tender look and I dumbly start
Falling once again for that fatal kind of charm.
O restless soul, mourning thy hapless fate
With the lingering wistful heart and its endless wait
Holding to hope and yet so bereft and desolate
Fervently praying for some miracle of fate.
And here you are, so blissfully oblivious
Of the deep-seated and helpless frustration
Isn’t this pining and longing which is so obvious
A declaration that I am lost in desperation?
Where may the wearied heart repose
To find a respite from my thoughts and woes?
The restless heart murmurs as evening comes to close
Longing for your words to earn a night’s repose.

©2018 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



  1. You seem to have a knack for expressing yourself. We can all relate to the experience of desiring something out of reach. C. S. Lewis said that he had a desire that he cherished more than the actual obtaining of what he desired. On the other hand, Buddha said that desire and attachment were the root of suffering. We keep yearning for something in this world that will make us happy, but perhaps everything that we obtain and achieve in this world will leave us unsatisfied and empty. Perhaps we need a completely new world—one in which we know that we need nothing external.

    1. Desire and attachment is indeed the root cause of suffering. We know that too and still can’t help falling for the things beyond our reach. We are humans, after all!!

  2. “Falling once again for that fatal kind of charm”
    My God! how beautifully you described that love is a pleasurable pain.

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