Seeking Krsna

Lord Krsna has clearly stated in Bhagvad Gita that we all should surrender to Him because He is the only one who really cares for us. Yet we are full of doubts. We prefer to suffer than surrendering to His will. Instead of following the simple path of devotion, we keep on searching here and there for peace. I pray to Lord Krsna for His benevolent mercy and that He always keep me on the devotional path.

Emphatically you declared “Surrender unto Me
For except me, nobody cares for thee.”
Yet this weary mind is fraught with doubt
And engrossed in a zillion things to worry about.
O Krsna! You beckon me with a voice so tender
Still I prefer to suffer than to thy will surrender.
It’s all about unabated faith and sweet devotion
Realizing that I am a tiny droplet in the ocean.
Confusion rears its ugly head like a vile serpent
O Krsna! Grant me wisdom so thy words I interpret.
Now I crave nothing but the refuge of thy sweet embrace
This lost heart longs for thy mercy and benevolent grace.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



  1. Both the sketch and the poem in praise of Lord Krishna complement each other so well Shaloo. Yes, surrendering and leaving all our worries and problem at His feet is the solution for a happy life. The poem is simply beautiful 🙂

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