10 ways to bounce back when life knocks you down

It’s easy to stay motivated when everything’s going well. But life doesn’t always go as we planned. We would love to live without any setbacks, in a state of harmony but life has its way of knocking us down in unexpected ways.

Things go wrong at times but what matters is how you bounce back. Now why I am writing about this? I had been under a lot of stress during last three years. There was a change of management at my workplace and after ten years of glorious service, I was harassed to the point of putting in my papers. And it was just because the new management wanted to bring in their own people. Yes, I was shocked initially and almost in a state of denial till I realized that it’s time to embrace the change and move on.

Setbacks are inevitable in life. It could be loss of job or loss of a loved one, an illness or a betrayal. Setbacks derail our plans and knock us off the balance. Sometimes we lose hope, sometimes we feel like giving up. But even when nothing seems to be right, we can always bounce back and find our way to restore balance in our life.

Here are 10 steps to bounce back when life knocks us down:

  1. Accept people & situations as they are:  Unless you accept the situation, you keep on living in a state of denial. You can’t really work towards changing your life unless you accept that something needs to be changed.
  2. Give yourself time: Don’t try to jump into action too fast. Take time to come to terms with the setback and take time to think & analyse the situation. Slowly you can work out a plan to make things better.
  3. The best is yet to come: Only a positive attitude will help you in sailing through the tough times. If winter is here, can spring be far behind?
  4. Find people who can support: You have family and friends who are there to support you, advise you and motivate you. Don’t shun these people out of your life during tough times. This is the time when you need them the most. Let them help you. There is no shame in being vulnerable at times.
  5. Spill it out: Talk to your friends, write in your journal, blog or simply cry out loud. Do whatever it takes to free yourself of the negative emotions due to the setback. Venting out your anger,grief or frustration will bring a sense of peace.
  6. Stop being a victim: Instead of asking ‘why me’ , say ‘try me!’ From being a victim, shift your focus on ways to uplift yourself. Ask yourself what you can do to turn the situation around or how you can get through this challenge.
  7. Nurture yourself: Rejuvenate yourself & revive your spirits by doing something to nurture yourself. During the testing times, make self-care your top priority. Eat healthy, exercise, go for a spa- do anything that makes you feel better about yourself.
  8. Count your blessings: Focus on the positive and be grateful for everything you have. Gratitude is the best attitude. Counting your blessings make the problems in life seem so smaller.
  9. Meditate: Meditation is the answer to my almost every problem. Meditation brings back the sense of calm and peace in your life. It helps you in reconnecting with yourself. It makes us emotionally strong.
  10. Surrender: When nothing else works, surrender works. Just drop your botherations & surrender to the divine. Let go. He is there to take care of us!

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