10 Ways to celebrate Book Lovers’ Day

Whether it’s an old book stacked in your books collection or a rare first edition book found at the used books store or a crisp, fresh book at the local bookstore, the very sight of books bring back lovely memories. Reading short stories and fairy tales as a child and then slowly graduating to reading long books and the times when you lost yourself in a story…so many memories are associated with books.  This is a celebration for the reader in all of us…Book Lovers’ Day (August 9th).

What better day than today to start reading the books that has been on your wish list for days? Treat yourself some quality reading time on ‘Book Lovers’ Day’. Honor all the bookworms and book lovers in your life on this special day.

Cambridge Dictionary defines a book as “a set of pages that have been fastened together inside a cover to be read or written in.”  This is just a definition because for a book lover, a book means much, much more than that.  Book is not only a source of knowledge but it’s a selfless companion who sticks along with its friend through the journey to different worlds. It’s rightly said that every book has a story to tell and every reader has a new world to visit.

Scientific studies have proved that reading is not only entertaining but also reduces stress levels, keeps the brain sharp and helps you sleep better.

How to celebrate Book Lovers’ Day

  1. Take time out for being lost inside the lovely pages of the favorite book of yours.
  2. Show your books some love today by cleaning and organizing your book shelves.
  3. Treat yourself to a good coffee and settle down on a cozy couch and start the journey to a different place with a new book.
  4. Visit the local library. If you haven’t taken the membership yet, then today’s the perfect day to do so.
  5. Buy the book lovers in your life some thoughtful gifts that only book lovers can appreciate. An e-book reader, a signed copy of a book, a bookmark, a newly released book- there are endless options.
  6. Organize a book themed party for your bookworm friends. Have everyone come dressed as their favorite fictional characters.
  7. Give the gift of reading to others. Buy some storybooks for the kids in an orphanage or donate some religious books to the old age home.
  8. Today is just the right day to contact your favorite living author and let them know the impact their books have had on you. Most of the authors today are on social media or you can find their mailing address from their website.
  9. Parting with the books many seem quite hard but think of the smile you will receive when you donate a book of yours to someone who will appreciate it.
  10. Host your own book club by inviting your book lover friends for a stimulating conversation about books and their favorite reads.

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