The answer from above!

I had my first brush with spirituality in 2008 when I did basic course by Art of Living. I learnt meditation and Sudarshan Kriya and have been a spiritual seeker ever since. From last three years, I have been regularly going to ISKCON temple.I still remember my first visit to the temple when I was spellbound by the deities. I have been a regular visitor ever since.

This poem is based on a personal experience. I was going through some challenging times at work and was very low. After a distressing day at work, I went to Lord Jagannath’s shobha yatra in the evening. Devotees were doing Harinam Sankirtan and dancing in ecstasy. Suddenly it started raining but even that couldn’t deter the enthusiastic devotees who carried on singing and dancing in bliss inspite of the pouring rain.

Oscillating between worries and fears

Reminiscing the glories of the past

Bogged down by the present harsh realities

The mind constantly worried about the future.

The answers were right there

Yet the stubborn mind refused to see!

Fuelling the ego

With bitterness and revenge.

A weary soul defeated by his own thoughts

Living a lifeless existence devoid of any passion

Screaming for some mercy, looking for some light

Ended up at your door as if by some invisible pull.

You smiled at me in all your glory-

Come to me, this is where you belong!

And the rain gods showered blessings

Rejuvenating this burning soul.

I look around in wonder

The creation dances in bliss, chanting into infinity

Surrender to me, surrender to me

-there lies your salvation!


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



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