The Curse of the Moon

Indian Mythology is replete with interesting stories for everything. Even the scientific facts and events have an explanation. There is one such story explaining the waxing and waning of the moon. This poem is based on the age old story of Lord Ganesha cursing the moon which resulted in the different phases of the moon.

Ganesha was chastised for eating a lot for dinner

And was advised to go for walks to become thinner

Reluctant and lazy he was yet was forced out of house

But even for a walk, he mounted his dear little mouse.


Set off for the walk on his happy tiny creature

He was busy watching the lovely charms of nature-

The rustling dandelions and fruited trees by the lake

When the mouse panicked on seeing a bright green snake.


Caught unaware, he fell down after losing his balance

Rupturing his stomach, still getting up with nonchalance

With clothes disheveled and his golden hair displaced

He picked up the snake and tied around his waist.


Witnessing the scene, laughed hilariously the moon

Finding it so funny, he rattled out a tune.

Extremely annoyed now Ganesha became furious

And cursed the arrogant moon ever so glorious.


Losing his luster, the moon realized his folly

And apologized with a tinge of melancholy

But still the moon continued to wane

Repenting while writhing in a web of pain.


The merciful Ganesha pleased with the tears shed

Lifted the moon and placed it on his forehead

And the moon started to recover after the contact

Slowly regaining the luster after the impact.


Waning and waxing of Moon till this day

Reminds everyone to mend their way

Never to ridicule anyone and never make fun

For the price has to be paid for all one has done.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



  1. Informative for an outsider to Indian mythology and very delightfully versed. Thanks for your interest in my offerings and thereby connecting me to your world.

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