Birthday Blessings

Today is the birthday of a very dear friend of mine- someone whom I look up to, someone who is not just a friend but also my mentor. Here’s a small poem wishing my dear friend a very happy birthday.

As I sit down to write the perfect birthday wish

I look back at all the years I have known you

The candid conversations and the arguments too

And yet somehow the friendship survived.

Not just a friend, but my mentor and guide

The anchor I hold on to when all quit my side

Filling my days with glorious sunshine

By your mere presence, O soul divine!

I wish your life be a kind, dreamy delight

With blissful days and peaceful nights

Devoid of false pretence or any commotion

With ever increasing faith and deeper devotion!

May you always radiate like the full moon

And keep dancing to the mischievous Krishna’s tune

Following the master’s instruction to perfection

Embraced in His grace and heavenly protection!


©2020 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



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