Blessings of life

Weird is this journey of life!

Friends turn foes and strangers become friends.

As I mourn the loss of a friend, a stranger wipes my tears.

Some prick on wounds while some help to face the fears.

With the betrayals, there is a loving embrace

Along with the rebukes, there is divine grace.

Someone’s rudeness pierces the heart,

And other’s kindness soothes the soul.

Clinging to the hurts, bemoaning our fate

Being oblivious to the fortune, we fell prey to the bait

Breeding self-pity and regrets, we mourn

Forgetting that amidst roses, there are thorns.

It’s not for us to reason why!

Accept and move on after saying good bye.

Every ending is the start of a new innings.

Some people are lessons and some are blessings!

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved




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