Book Review: The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

The first book in the Millennium Saga left me a bit disturbed but that didn’t deter me from picking up the other two books in the series. Finally I finished the best selling series by Stieg Larsson which you can love or hate but you can’t put down once you start reading it.

The last book in the series is more of a courtroom drama. Lisbeth is in the hospital, convalescing from the shot in the head that she received from Zalachenko. Her father Zalachenko is also in the same corridor recovering from fatal wounds and at the same time, plotting to kill Lisbeth. Mikael Blomkvist, the ace journalist and one of the few friends that Lisbeth has in the world, is investigating the conspiracy which led to Lisbeth being committed into a mental asylum when she was barely twelve years old.  As he rattles the nerve of the Sapo (Swedish Intelligence Agency), in particular the part of the organization called The Section, he finally provides a closure to Lisbeth’s dark past by bringing all the conspirators behind bars.

The book though interesting lacks the adrenaline rush of the previous two books. A rather predictable police investigation filled with tedious bureaucratic interventions takes up almost half of the book. There are some who are working towards getting justice for Lisbeth and some want that she never sees the light of the day. But the pace picks up with the trial bringing a satisfying end for Lisbeth. This summed up the trilogy brilliantly.

The plot twists are outstanding and so are the characters. Lisbeth Salander is so intriguing and fascinating. You can’t help admiring the courage and strong will of this skinny, eccentric girl who has suffered so much in life and yet lives life on her own terms. Lisbeth is confined to hospital in major part of the book and I wish we could get more of her in this last book of the series. The unlikely friendship of Lisbeth and Blomkvist is a key driver to the plots of all three novels. I hoped for a reunion and a happy ending towards the end!

All in all, Stieg Larsson has put forth a riveting legal and journalistic action drama, a gripping page turner, populated with a wide spectrum of interesting and colourful characters.

Title: The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

Originally published: May 2007

Author: Stieg Larsson

Followed by: The Girl who played with Fire

Series: Millennium

Genres: Crime Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

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  1. Lovely review Shaloo. I haven’t read this author… Somehow it has never attracted me in spite of getting a few opportunities to buy the book.
    I loved the way you clearly analysed all aspects

    1. Thanks dear! If you like thrillers, then you will like the series though I found the first book a bit too violent for my taste.

  2. It is a very compeliing read and one of my favourite series, though I agree with you that this part mostly seemed boring. But the characters of Lisbeth Slanader and Mikael Blomkvist are now my references for balsy female hacker and upright journalsists. Great review, Ma’am.

    1. Both the characters are indeed amazing, especially Salander. I look forward to reading the other two in the series which are written by a different author. But before that, I am reading some different genres so that monotony doesn’t set in.

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