Book Review: Inkredia- Luwan of Brida

The tagline “Danger looms tall. Mystery runs deep.” piqued my interest though I was a bit skeptical about the book at first as I am not much into fantasy fiction. But I have to say that the book came across as a pleasant surprise. Sarang Mahajan makes an impressive debut with Inkredia- Luwan of Brida which is the first in the series of four books.

With sheer imagination, the author has created a fantasy world.  The protagonist, Luwan lives in Brida along with his sister Meg. He doesn’t have much possessions except a medallion and a red book given to him by his mother. He faces a certain death when he refuses to pay taxes to the ruthless Lord Gruwak. Guidance comes in the form of a riddle in his mother’s red book and he decides to leave Brida along with Meg. With the assistance of their friend Narjo, they manage to escape but an even more dangerous enemy awaits them. They are followed by Ghork riders, mystical devil creatures that eat human flesh. Luwan is oblivious why the Ghork riders are chasing him but he doesn’t have the luxury to finding out the answer as he is thrown into a relentless run across the dark forests and unknown landscapes of Inkredia and finally faces the prodigious might of Ilmor.

The author has created an enchanting land in Inkredia with its supernatural elements, numerous magical creatures and nonhumans. It is a pure visual treat and is almost akin to watching a movie with each scene playing in your mind. The novel seems to be the Indian answer to Lord of the Rings. I wish the author had introduced some Indian element in the book!

The book has everything that a fantasy fiction needs- talismans, beasts, magic, sorcerers, ghosts, lethal assassins, mysterious lands etc. The story is fast paced with thrill and suspense intact. The nail biting suspense and adrenaline rush of action keeps one glued to the book. The author has done justice to the plot with his engaging, magical narration. The characters are well sketched. If you love the fantasy genre then grab this book and get ready to be transported in the mysteriously magical world of Inkredia!

I would like to thank Gloryburg Publishing LLP for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. 

Title: Inkredia- Luwan of Brida

Author: Sarang Mahajan

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Gloryburg Publishing LLP

No. of Pages: 436


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  1. Lovely review Shaloo You are so detailed in writing. I am in awe of this review, beautifully worded. Will try to read this book if possible Thanks for sharing

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