Book Review: The Rosie Project

After reading so many rave reviews, I picked ‘The Rosie Project’ by Graeme Simsion with high expectations. And I was completely charmed by the book. The protagonist reminded me of Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory. It is in fact, Sheldon trying to find a wife but still I loved it.

Don Tillman is a genetics professor in his late 30s. He is a brilliant scientist but he sucks at being social. He is so fussy and methodical that allusions are made to him having Asperger’s. To find a suitable partner and weed out any unsuitable partners, Don compiles an extensive questionnaire which he termed as ‘The Wife Project’. But he soon bumps into an attractive and smart woman Rosie whom he finds totally unsuitable but likes spending time with her. Don starts ‘The Father Project’ with a mission to grab DNA samples stealthily from a bunch of men to help out Rosie in finding her real father.
The story is told through the POV of Don and falls in the genre of romantic comedy. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The writing is clever and amusing and one can’t help laughing out loud at Don’s rigid schedule and frequent social gaffe. Don is a wonderfully amusing and offbeat character. Though he is awkward in social situations but he deals with it in a practical way. He is dedicated, smart and has an excellent memory which he uses perfectly to navigate his new world around Rosie. Rosie is warm, fun loving and is marred with her own insecurities and fears. Both the characters are pitch perfect and never fail to delight.

Don is definitely a clichéd version of someone with Asperger’s and throughout the novel, he struggles to fit in. His inability to feel love and express it makes the readers sympathize with him. But towards the end, the author puts across an important point that perhaps Rosie also needs to be more accepting and not expect Don to change his core being. This in fact holds true in all relationships. We must accept the other person as he/she is and shouldn’t expect them to change according to our own sweet will.

The book is quite addictive. It’s funny, quirky yet erudite love story with really cute characters. The book is incredibly adorable and what makes it all the more appealing is that it is a chick lit written from a man’s perspective. It’s laugh-out-loud funny and unexpectedly heartwarming. Highly recommended.

 Title: The Rosie Project

Originally published: 30 January 2013

Author: Graeme Simsion

Followed by: The Rosie Effect

Page count: 304

Publisher: Text Publishing

Genres:  Chick lit, Romance

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