Donna’s Revenge (Flash Fiction)

Donna promised revenge on everyone that was in the conference room this morning. She had one last look at everyone in the room. Aditya Oberoi, the young CEO of The Exotic Group of Hotels sat there looking back at her with a smirk on his face and waiting in anticipation what her next move would be. He looked confident that she would cry and beg for mercy but he didn’t know that he had taken the first step towards his downfall. Seated next to him was Vishal Ahuja, his personal assistant and best friend. She had relied on him once not knowing that she would regret it for days to come. HR head Monica Sharma looked a bit uncomfortable as if she had already anticipated trouble from this young, vulnerable girl. They had not just made her quit a job she loved but also robbed her of her pride and dignity. When she walked out of that conference room, she wasn’t the same innocent girl who had joined this company two years ago.

So much had happened in these two years! She couldn’t believe her luck when she got the offer letter from the leading hotel chain of the country to join them as a finance analyst. She was a bright student throughout and a topper of her batch but still she was overwhelmed with the salary package she was offered. This was beyond her wildest dreams. Her hard work and dedication at job was noticed within three months, she was promoted to the next level. It was then she met Aditya and Vishal during a strategic meeting. She was aware of Aditya’s eyes on her throughout the meeting and was quite flattered with the attention. The very next day, she was called by Monica, the HR head who told her that the seniors were highly impressed by her performance and she was being assigned to a new project. It was Aditya’s dream project: a luxury resort in Paris. Monica told her that this was an ambitious project and they didn’t want any details to be leaked out. So Aditya had handpicked the team that would be working on the project.

Next few months were quite hectic. She was incharge of the financial aspects of the project and she often worked till late. Aditya had formed a new company ‘Riviera Portico Ltd’ for this project wherein she was the CFO. She couldn’t believe her ears…CFO at the age of 26! This multi-million project needed huge investments and using Letter of Undertaking, the company took loans from the bank. All seemed well till the company failed to pay the installments. When the first default took place, instead of following protocol, complicit bank employees issued more LoUs on behalf of the bank asking other banks to issue loans. She later came to know that Aditya had generously bribed the bank employees to be a party to the scam. When she got a little suspicious, she went to Vishal and voiced her concerns. The very next day, she was arrested for allegedly siphoning off Rs 14,000 crores and defrauding ten banks.

Now out on bail, she had come here today with a bleak hope that the company would help her in getting out of this mess but she already knew in her heart that she was neck deep in trouble. Her career was finished, her reputation tarnished and she faced imprisonment for several year if proved guilty. She had contemplated suicide but she wanted her revenge before dying. Her gaze was fixed on the gate of the building. She knew that Aditya and Vishal worked till late. They were in the habit of going together to the club for a few drinks before heading to their homes. Today Monica would also be with them as the weekend was party time.

“Yes, today would be the most rocking party the three must have attended till date,” she thought bitterly. Just then she saw the three of them coming out of the building. The driver had already parked Aditya’s Mercedes by the gate. All three got inside with Aditya behind the driver’s wheel. She felt nervous but quickly told herself that it was now or never. She saw once again at the two gas cylinders in the car. A drop of sweat trickled down her forehead. She recalled her days in the dingy prison cell and turned on the ignition and started following Aditya’s Mercedes. Slowly and steadily, she picked up speed and rammed her car into the Mercedes ahead with full force. There was a huge explosion and both the vehicles caught fire. By the time police and fire brigade arrived, there was nothing left but wreckage and charred bodies.

Nobody was willing to believe her innocence when she was alive but her act of revenge led to many questions. News channels played the story endlessly citing various conspiracy theories. Government initiated a probe into the Rs. 14,000 crores scam and after months of investigation, the truth finally came to light. She had her true revenge finally!

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