Book Review: Shopaholic and Baby

Some say that chick-lit novels are just a fluffy alternative to real books and perhaps they are! But it’s so delightful picking any chick-lit, forgetting about the world and escaping for a few hours. And when we talk about chick-lit, then how can we forget Sophie Kinsella? Her Shopaholic series is pure, unadulterated fun!

Rebecca and Luke are expecting their first child. Being the shopaholic that she is, Becky has to have everything for the baby- from the best prams to designer clothes to 400 count crib sheets. Becky has her heart set on having celebrity obstetrician Venetia and she manages to do so and ensures a spot for herself in British Vogue. Everything seems perfect. But this Venetia turns out to be Luke’s ex-girlfriend who is a real pain. Venetia is trying to seduce Luke and Becky is determined to not let that happen even it puts her in labour! Then there are problems with Luke’s company, Becky’s employment and finding a perfect home for the family. But all ends well with Becky learning that nothing is more important than family and friends.

The book is written in typical Sophie Kinsella style with brilliant laugh-out-loud moments. Becky is as annoying and funny as ever. Luke is the kind of husband every girl would want and Suze is that perfect friend we all love. The characters are endearing. They not only touch the heart but make us laugh out loud too.

Shopaholic and Baby is another wonderfully light hearted installment in the Shopaholic series. It is just frivolous fun but sometimes that’s all we need. Recommended anyone looking for a good laugh!

Title: Shopaholic and Baby

Originally published: 2007

Author: Sophie Kinsella

Publisher: Transworld Publishers

Genres: Humour, Fiction, Chick lit, Comedy

Preceded by: Shopaholic and Sister

 Followed by: Mini Shopaholic, Shopaholic to the Stars


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