Book Review: Shopaholic and Sister

I picked up Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series this year and what a fun read the books have been. All the books in the series follow the same pattern…Becky shops, Becky overspends, Becky lies, Becky gets into trouble, Becky swears that she will mend her ways…Becky keeps getting into all kinds of mess due to her lies and follies but you cannot help getting swept along with her. The series is so funny and entertaining that you just can’t put it down.

In the fourth installment of the series, Becky Bloomwood is unemployed and married to Luke. They spend almost a year honeymooning around the world and Becky secretly keeps shopping for all sorts of things- from trinkets to dining room tables. Luke is oblivious to all her spending till they return home and the trucks arrive with all her secret purchases. And that’s not all! Becky is in for a rude surprise when she arrives in England unexpectedly. Her best friend Suze has got a new best friend and Becky feels totally out of place with them. Even her parents don’t seem too thrilled to see her. Becky soon discovers that she has a half sister, Jessica. Becky is overjoyed and decides to bond with Jess by shopping, sleepovers, makeovers and movie nights. Much to her dismay, she quickly learns that Jess doesn’t like shopping, is super thrifty, is an environment activist and finds Becky to be irresponsible and shallow. Jess doesn’t want anything to do with Becky. But Becky is determined to find a way into her sister’s heart and so she lands up in the English countryside where Jess lives. Will Becky and Jess become soul sisters? Will Jess learn to love shopping or will Becky turn frugal? The author delight the readers once again as we embark on the adventure to find out.

As always, Becky is the most annoying character I have come across but deep down she has a good heart. Her excessive shopping and frequent lying makes me want to scream in frustration but at the same time, they make me laugh out loud. Becky is so funny and so are the situations she gets into, the conversations she has and the silly justifications she gives for her shopping. That makes this book and the entire series hilarious. I will definitely recommend Shopaholic series to anyone who is in need of a good laughter dose.

Title: Shopaholic and Sister

Originally published: 2004

Author: Sophie Kinsella

Preceded by: Shopaholic Ties the Knot

Followed by: Shopaholic and Baby

Genres: Humour, Chick-lit

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