The Death of Parikshit

Dwapara Yuga ended and Kali Yuga began during Parikshit’s reign

Hearing the advent of Kali and to ban his entry in his domain

Parikshit set out in search of Kali to prevent the havoc

For he didn’t want his peaceful kingdom to be in panic.

He saw an old three-legged bull being whipped by a man

On being questioned, the man laid prostrate with an evil plan

Saying he was Kali, he begged for a place in the kingdom to live

And how easy it was for the kind-hearted Parikshit to forgive!

As a King, he couldn’t refuse the one asking for his mercy

How could he have known he will suffer for his sympathy!

Parikshit allowed Kali to dwell in five places- gambling dens,

Slaughter houses, Prositutes’s houses, in gold and in taverns.

At once, Kali took abode in Parikshit’s crown made up of gold

And thus began the King’s downfall due to influence now Kali holds.

One day while hunting Parikshit strayed away from the rest

He reached a sage’s ashram while hungry, thirsty and distressed.

There was none but the sage Samika in deep meditation

The vain attempts to wake the sage led to deep frustration

And so overcame by anger under Kali’s evil influence

Parikshit did an abominable act of ignorance.

Looking around with a desire to punish, he saw a dead snake

Putting it around the sage’s neck was his biggest mistake.

As the Sage’s son Shrungi returned and saw his father

Filled with immense grief, sought his rage to smother.

Identifying the culprit, Shrungi cursed the arrogant King

With death after being bitten by Takshak, the Snake King!

As Sage Samika woke up and heard of his son’s hasty action

He was filled with regret for this act of desperation.

As he informed the King Parikshit of his approaching demise

For his arrogance and rash behaviour, Parikshit apologized.

Crowning his son Janamejya and giving up his position

Parikshit was ready for death leaving all possessions.

Sage Shuka, the son of Vyasa came to meet him and bless

And to narrate Krisna’s story to pull him out of distress

And thus he narrated Srimad Bhagvatam to the audience

For the remaining seven days, Parikshit listened in patience.

Blessed by using the last moments to hear holy names of the Lord

Salvation and a place in heaven for himself Parikshit restored.

Soon Takshak, the King of snakes arrived to perform his duty

And found that Parikshit was already lost in Krsna’s beauty.

Already merged with his beloved Krsna that Parishit adored

Takshak killed the body which had no relevance anymore.

A short life Parikshit led and achieved greatness through his deeds

Yet paid dearly by giving into anger which was his only misdeed.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved




    1. Thanks Vidur! I have always been very fascinated with the tales from our mythology and have attempted to narrate a few in my own words. Glad that you liked them!

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