Ponnachi and Villidasan

An unparalleled wrestler in the kingdom

Majestic looks and incredible power brought him stardom.

Rivals were terrified facing him in game

Renowned for valour, Villidasan was his name!

She was a maiden with complexion of gold

Tales of her beauty everybody told.

Dance-like gait, dimpled cheeks and those beautiful eyes

Hearing Ponnachi’s name, young men sigh!

Cupid struck and he fell in love with those beautiful eyes

A blissful marriage, consumed with love and the time flies.

Years gone by but the love never faded

For nothing in the world, those beautiful eyes could be traded.

It was spring, a time to celebrate

An innate desire to see the festival with her mate.

Ponnachi’s wish how could he refuse?

Comfortable travel for his love he ensures.

Alighting from the palanquin, what a beauty to behold!

Stunned by those eyes, Villidasan turned cold.

Captivated by her grace and a love so true

Mesmerized by those eyes, what he did he had no clue!

Walking towards the temple in a graceful gait

Villidasan started walking backwards facing her beautiful eyes as bait.

Some giggled, some stared, and some glared

Hypnotized by their love, they never cared.

Ponnachi walking forwards, Villidasan walking backwards nearing temple gate

This strange procession was seen by a great saint.

Ramanujacharya was amused yet moved by their love unique

He wanted to rescue them though chances were bleak.

Inviting Villidasan alone to his ashram at night

He enquired and chided Villidasan for the strange sight.

Humbly and truthfully came Villidasan’s replies-

There’s nothing more beautiful than my wife’s eyes!

“What if I show you even more beautiful eyes?”

Villidasan didn’t believe, thinking it to be lies.

“Then I will fall in love with those beautiful eyes

Ponnachi and I will be your slaves for lives.”

Taking his hand, Ramanujacharya took him to Sanctum Sanctorum

Where was in deep sleep, God of Love, Sri Ranganathar Thiruvarangam.

With utmost devotion, he prayed to the Lord

Stating his mission there in the divine abode.

“O Lord! Bless this couple in perfect love.

World is miserable, being ignorant of such love.

I need this couple to spread divine message of love

And they need to get the reverence they deserve.”

A selfless prayer how could the Lord ignore

And the great Lord opened his most beautiful eyes to show.

Awestruck, Villidasan fell as if by lightning’s blow

Out of ecstasy, tears started to flow.

Freed from the shackles of materialistic ties

He was now lost forever in those most beautiful eyes.

Pledging his slavery to the saint and the Lord

The tales of this love and transformation are till this date told.

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved




  1. you have a great talent to tell stories in rhyming manner. Wonderful. I enjoyed the story thoroughly shaloo. thanks for sharing.

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