Ditch the poison

I am a huge fan of Rhonda Byrne and have read all her books. I believe in the secret- ‘The Law of Attraction.’ We attract in our lives what we think. Thoughts can poison your life or miraculously transform it. And this is why we must be optimistic and think positive thoughts to manifest a happy and joyful life.


The most potent tool

That could make you or break you

And yet the most unused one.


Engulfing you with over-whelming expectations.

Poisoning you with victim-consciousness.

Bringing miseries with the ifs and buts.


Misleading you to believe money is happiness.

Entrapping you in the confined boundaries of your past.

Making you vulnerable seeking someone to complete you.


Worrying you about what others think.

Turning you defensive to prove you’re right.

Exhausting you with the torrents of negativity.


You become what you think.

Ditch the poison, embrace the nectar

Manifesting your intention with your attention.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved




    1. Most of us are either confined in the past or worried about future. This isn’t going to help. Only positive thoughts have the power to lead us to the life of our dreams.

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