Narada’s tryst with Maya

This poem is based on an incident from our scriptures where Narada experienced the spell of Maya, the illusory energy of Lord Krsna.

On a bright Spring day while taking a stroll

Narada expressed to Krsna the desire of his soul

“Show me the power of Maya, your illusory energy

What is its secret and what can it do in reality?”

Krsna hesitated and asked Narada if he was sure

For it was very hard to resist Maya’s allure

But he agreed on seeing Narada’s fierce determination

And asked for a glass of water before the revealation.

So Narada went happily in search of some water

And thus in unbearable heat, he went quite farther

His throat parched, feeling weak and tired

Now a sip of water was what his heart desired.

Reaching a house and knocking impatiently at the door

He saw the most beautiful girl as he had never seen before.

All he could do was stare at her beautiful, innocent face

“Will you marry me?” he uttered forgetting his place.

And now married, Narada led a life of family bliss

With lovely children and a wife, there was nothing amiss.

Children grew up, got married and time passed like a dream

And Narada was content in his village beside the stream.

But one day the fate raged through fields and flood

Stained with Narada’s family and loved ones’ blood.

His grandchildren, children and beloved wife swept away

And of all the village, only he could see another day.

Overcome with grief, unable to watch the destruction

He sincerely called to ‘Krsna’ for divine intervention.

At once the raging flood disappeared to Narada’s surprise

And here stood Krsna smiling beneath the clear skies.

“Where is my glass of water?” asked Krsna with a smile

This is the power of Maya, Narada realized after a while.

Forgetting the Lord Krsna and living happily in illusion,

Maya leads us into the material world full of confusion.

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved




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