7 quick and effective decluttering tips for a quieter mind

When people talk about decluttering, they often think in terms of getting rid of their possessions. But they forget that decluttering the mind is equally important in order to have a calm and peaceful mind. Our daily struggles, stress and worries, the negativity around us, office politics and gossip fill our minds with unwanted thoughts which make us restless and stressed. So like our homes, closets and almirahs, our mind also needs a bit of decluttering now and then. But how?’

Here are 7 quick and effective tips for a quieter and peaceful mind:

  1. Meditate: I have no words to express how important meditation is. Meditation is the food for our soul. You can do guided meditations or simply close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Meditation can be done anytime during the day.
  2. Journal: Writing in a journal on a daily basis helps you in reflection and venting out. You can write your affirmations in the journal in morning and your reflections at night.
  3. Gratitude: Practicing gratitude is the key to a happy and peaceful mind. When we are grateful for what we have, sorrow diminishes and joy flourishes.
  4. Pray: We cannot under-estimate the power of prayers. Praying and surrendering to the divine takes off the burden from your mind and make you peaceful.
  5. Go slow: Our busy, hectic schedules are a major source of our stress. We rush through life and always overwhelmed with work. Go slow and say no to the over commitments.
  6. Sleep: Having a sound and proper sleep is a must for a peaceful mind. Make sure that you get enough sleep to keep you energetic and rejuvenated.
  7. Single-task: Instead of juggling through various tasks, focus on one task at hand. This way you will be more productive and your mind would be less chaotic.

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