A Daily Gratitude Practice Changed My Life!

Oxford dictionary defines gratitude as “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” Reading ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne was a turning point in my life because it introduced me to the magic of gratitude. I started practicing gratitude daily till it became a habit. I write down by daily gratitude in my journal. I have ‘random gratitude app’ downloaded on my cell phone which keeps random reminders throughout the day to record your gratitude at the given moment.

As I started my daily gratitude practice and continued with it, I realized that I have become happier than before. I no longer keep complaining about things beyond my control. Daily gratitude practice has encouraged me to count my blessings. I look for the small miracles in my day rather than focusing on what went wrong. This has turned me into a hopeful and optimist person.
Being in gratitude makes me cherish everything I have in my life. I have realized that though my life is not perfect but still it is so much better than a lot many. I have enough food to eat, good clothes to wear, a comfortable place to live in and a loving family. This is a privilege denied to many. So why should I waste my life in complaints and regrets for petty things? Shouldn’t I be happy and thankful to God for everything that He has blessed me with?
There is a simple law of attraction which states ‘You attract what you think’. Being in gratitude brings even more opportunities in our life to be thankful for. When you thank someone or appreciate someone from the bottom of your heart, you are giving out love. And that love multiplies and returns many-folds in your life.
Our thoughts have much more power than we think. Being in gratitude, being thankful and being appreciative of what we have has a profound effect on our life. It brings more happiness and abundance to us. Instead of the thorns, now all we see are the roses…Life truly becomes a bed of roses!

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    1. Thanks for the kind words Radhika! I write to remind myself to be positive. I am glad that others find value in my writings.

    1. True. Humility, optimism, positivity and happiness become our nature if we are in an attitude of gratitude.

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