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I have been nominated by Storyteller for ‘get to know me tag’. She is a lovely blogger who writes beautiful haikus, tankas and short stories. Please show her some love by visiting her blog. I am also thankful to inkgirlandwords, the creator of the tag.

Here are the rules:

1) Answer the questions.

2) Credit the Creator of the Tag.

3) Nominate 5/+ bloggers

So here are my answers:

  1. How long you have been blogging?

I have been blogging and writing online for a few years but never took it very seriously until now. This is the first time that I am regularly posting without any long breaks. This blog is about five months old now. I have another blog astrokrsna where I post about astrology, tarot and related sciences.

  1. Do you enjoy tags?

Tags are a kind of motivation and it feels good when a fellow blogger nominates you.

  1. Do you follow blogs which follow you?

Not always. I follow the blogs which interest me or which I find of value. I don’t follow blogs to return the favour.

  1. Describe your blog in 5 words?

Serve, smile, celebrate and meditate (This in a nutshell describes my blog and the kind of posts you will find here.)

  1. How many posts you have made (except this one)?

137 posts

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how much you enjoy blogging?

10 …I not only enjoy writing but also reading posts from my fellow bloggers. There’s so much to learn from everyone.

  1. Posts some link to blogs you enjoy reading?

I enjoy reading minimalist blogs like Zen Habits, Be More With Less, The Minimalists, Rowdykittens and mnmlist. I find the concept of minimalism quite fascinating and these blogs inspire me a lot.

 My nominees are:

  1. Pradita
  2. Amulya
  3. Rekha Sahay
  4. Deepika
  5. Mrinalini

Keep shining…Keep smiling!!!

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