Rise up and be thankful

Each day is a new beginning and presents us with yet another opportunity to be thankful for god’s blessings. Start your day with gratitude and see how beautiful the day becomes.

Rise up and be thankful

For another day of hope so calm and tranquil

For the little miracles and blessings abundant

And the colours of joy resplendent.

Rise up and be thankful

For the good, the bad and the beautiful

For the loving, the inspiring and not so good moments

And be on a perpetual quest for atonement.

Rise up and be thankful

For we come alive in the moments when grateful

With a renewed faith and tears of gratitude

Thanking and praying in the silence of our solitude.

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved




  1. Such beautiful thoughts and written with such simplicity and subtlety, that it truly makes it profound. Indeed it is such an important aspect of our daily life and we all take it for granted, just thanking the almighty for the lovely day and each moment that we live. And extending our gratitude towards others who all contributes in their little an different way to make our life count and makes feel good being part of a community and a society we live. We all need that time for ourselves for reflection and that too time in silence and in solitude.

    1. Thank you! I truly believe in the power of gratitude. If only we are grateful for what we have, we will be at a much happier place.

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