His Grace

Meeting my spiritual master H. H. Sri Sri Ravishankar ji was a life transforming experience for me. He pulled me out of the sadness and depression that had engulfed me and gave me a new lease of life. He changed my outlook towards life. His grace helped me in blossoming to my full potential, leaving the past troubles behind. This poem is a dedication to my master.

Being lonely was my only regret.

A big void in my life he left.

Why me? Why this pain? What was my fault?

Since then, I kept my heart locked in a vault.

Love is fake, love is an illusion.

To my heart, this seemed the only solution.

No more love, just bitterness and depression.

Resurrecting my life, sending him in oblivion.

And then you came with your amazing grace.

Out of my misery, I realized the world is a beautiful place.

I see your reflection in every face.

A sense of belongingness is what I needed to embrace.

O my Master! You came when life looked so bleak.

Healing me, bringing me closer to the Divine with the words you speak.

Love, grace, contentment, fulfillment at its utmost peak.

What a beautiful path! There’s nothing more I seek.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



  1. Role of Guru or the spiritual master is paramount in spiritual life. With the grace of Lord we find spiritual master and with the grace of spiritual master we are able to connect with Lord

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