Harbingers of Hope

Clouds in the sky

Engulfing everything in darkness

A turbulent storm on the horizon

Looming large menacingly

Threatening to destroy everything…

The harvest of my labored efforts

Getting ravaged in front of my eyes

And I stand there, watching helplessly,

Trying to come to terms with this sudden blow of fate.

A blow of fate or an opportunity by fate…

It’s all in the mind.

It could be the end or it could be the beginning of something new.

The clouds have destroyed me but they will help me bloom again

Into something better, something more beautiful.

I looked up in the sky again…

And all I see now is the benevolent clouds

Filled with the bounty of life and hope

And like a seed, I am ready again to be reborn.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



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