Krishna, I only need you!

This poem is based on an incident from the epic Mahabharata where Arjuna is given a choice to choose Krishna or his army. Arjuna being a true devotee chooses Krishna because he has a firm faith that victory will be with the side where Krishna is.

Trying to get allies, both sides fearlessly prepared

For war between Kauravas and Pandavas was declared.

Yadavas led by Krishna were an unmatched force

With the capacity to change the course.


To secure his cooperation and seek his support

Duryodhana decided to go to his court.

Arjuna too set off for Krishna’s abode

Undertaking an arduous journey by road.


Reaching the palace and finding Krishna asleep

Seeking his allegiance with a promise to keep

Humbly Arjuna waited at Krishna’s lotus feet

While near the head of bed, haughty Duryodhana took his seat.


On waking up, Krishna saw Arjuna standing with folded hands

And then he saw Duryodhana and welcomed them to his land.

Arjuna sought his blessings and stated his purpose

And Duryodhana demanded to be heard for he arrived first.


“But I saw Arjuna first, so he will have the first say,”

Krishna refused to take sides and offered them a way

“I will be a charioteer but not fight nor take up any weapon

While my army will fight for the other side at their beckon.”


“ I want only you ,” Arjuna stated his choice

Without any hesitancy and in a firm voice.

With the Supreme Lord Krishna by his side

Arjuna was sure to swim over any tide.


Elated Duryodhana considered Arjuna a fool

Accepting the army, he forgot the important rule

That victory lies at the feet of the divine

The one who has Krishna will surely rise and shine.


The war began and the Pandavas emerged victorious

Following Krishna’s counsel and doing deeds so glorious

With firm faith in the Lord and being in humility

And the Lord too steered his devotees to victory.


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    1. Thanks dear! This incident shows unwavering faith and devotion of Arjuna. We as devotees should follow Arjuna’s example.

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