Krishna and Sudama

Krishna and Sudama’s tale is still remembered even after thousands of years as a symbol of pure friendship. Krishna teaches us that true friendship is a bond formed out of love and is not based on status or riches. Today I made a sketch of Lord Krishna and Sudama which inspired me to write a poem narrating this beautiful tale of pure love and friendship.

Krishna, the Lord and Sudama, the poor Brahmin child

Befriended at Sage Sandipan’s hermitage in the wild.

To pick firewood, the two friends went to the forest

Few hours later, they sat down under a tree for some rest.


It was getting late when it started to rain

Shivering with cold, the children were hungry and tired

Some warmth and a little food was all that they desired

Krishna asked if Sudama had some food or even a little grain.


Sudama had some grams but was embarrassed to declare

This simple food with his rich friend, how could he share?

As Krishna dozed off, hungry Sudama stealthily ate

Unknowingly he had created his own fate.


Years passed by and Krishna was now a mighty King

While the impoverished Sudama didn’t own a thing

Living in abject poverty, his children often cried of hunger

Is Krishna even his friend, Sudama’s wife would often wonder!


Sudama decided to go to Krishna on his wife’s insistence

For the sake of the children, to beg financial assistance

And the wife had no gift to offer but some flattened rice

Which she packed in a cloth without thinking twice.


Reaching Dwarka after days of arduous journey

Yet Sudama was hesitant and was in no hurry

On seeing him, Krishna got up and fondly embraced

His childhood friend with affectionate and eager haste.


Recalling their childhood days, the friends were overjoyed

Yet Sudama hid his wife’s simple gift, trying to avoid

But Krishna snatched it, took a handful and ate it in one go

Till Rukmani stopped him for Krishna’s ways only she knows.


Eating the lavish meals served in utensils of gold

Sudama sadly thought of his hungry children back home

Krishna knew everything yet waited for the truth to be told

But his humble friend didn’t ask even when alone in the dome.


Two days passed and Sudama prepared to leave

Krishna escorted him out bidding him farewell

Humbled by the Lord’s love, but nothing to receive

Sudama wondered what at home he will tell!


On seeing a magnificent palace, Sudama was amazed

Out came his wife crying-“Lord Krishna be praised!”

Without even asking, Krishna had blessed his friend

With opulence unparalleled and thus all the sorrows end.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved








    1. Amar Chitra Kathas have been instrumental in keeping us connected to our roots. I have also grown up reading Amar Chitra Kathas. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  1. The poem was beautiful. Everytime I hear this story of Krishna and Sudama, I get so many feelings. One of Bhakti Sudama. Who cannot ask from his lord any material gift. A friend Sudama, who has his pride intact. He cannot dilute friendship by making it a relationship of give and take. A friend Krishna. The lord Krishna. He does not embarrass his friend. He helps his friend without lowering his dignity. Finally, Lord Krishna is everything. In Lord Krishna, everything happens.

  2. Nice poem… moral of the story even if your poor, offer what little you have to others, its form of affection and ask for help when in need. A friend who cares for you would help, don’t hesitate. Be proud of what you have and share it(:

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