Why you should meditate daily

One of the most instrumental changes in my life has been the daily meditation habit.

Eight years back, I registered for Art of Living Part One Course. The first day I entered a class of about 40 participants, I was apprehensive if I would learn anything worthwhile there. Little did I knew that I will learn my most valuable lessons here. I was introduced to meditation and Sudarshan Kriya.

I have been meditating ever since.

It was life-changing.

I recommend meditation to everyone. It’s the best habit you can ever develop. Here’s how meditation has improved my life:

  • My days become significantly calm and clear after meditating in the morning.
  • My connection with God and my Master has strengthened.
  • Problems that seem so difficult don’t appear so fearful anymore.
  • My productivity has improved because I am able to focus on the essential now.
  • Meditation has effectively reduced the stress in my life.
  • I feel fantastic throughout the day.
  • I smile and laugh more often.
  • Meditation has made me emotionally strong.
  • It has increased compassion in me and I am able to love all without expectations.
  • I seem to attract more friends now as people find it intriguing how I am always smiling and at peace.
  • Meditation has not only improved my life but it has significantly helped to elevate the atmosphere of my home.

The full benefits of Meditation cannot be put into words, but it is something that must be experienced to be known.

How to meditate daily?

Meditation is completely FREE! It is so simple to learn. It can be practised anywhere in a quiet spot, at any time, and it is not time consuming (just 15-20 min.).

  • Commit to meditate daily.
  • Preferably meditate in the morning but if you can’t then,pick up any comfortable time during the day.(Just make sure to have a gap of at least an hour after meals.)
  • Find a place of solitude.
  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes.
  • Focus on your breath. Don’t resist any thoughts. It might seem a bit difficult at first but you will get better with practice.
  • For the beginners, I would recommend using guided meditations. You can choose from the wide variety of meditations available online. So just get going!

There is nothing but positive to be gained from meditation. Meditation is a very simple yet potent practice. Just do it for the same time for at least twenty-one days and you”ll have a meditation habit.

Over time, you’ll learn the power of meditation. But for now, just get started!

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  1. Great post Ma’am, especially for someone like me who can’t meditate for more than 2 minutes. I have been trying to meditate for longer, but just can’t manage to put my head into it. Still trying though. Thanks for this encouraging post ?

    1. You can also check out my other posts on meditation especially meditation tips for beginners. Also feel free to ask questions pertaining to this, if any.

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