Memories (Micro Fiction)

He unlocked the house and stepped in. This is the house where he was raised. He looked around. There was a family portrait on the wall in the living room. A book shelf in the corner stacked his favorite books. Another wall was adorned with his framed sketches.

He has come back from US after five years for his mother’s last rites. He couldn’t come when his father passed away two years back. He took another look at the portrait and then at the surroundings. Everything was the same just like it used to be when he was still here. But layers of dust covered everything. He felt as if the layers of dust had not just covered his surroundings but also his memories. He didn’t realize when his memories got buried beneath the dust. Tears of regret trickled down as he imagined his parents waiting for him all these years. His heart was now cleansed of the dust but it was too late.

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



  1. How I love this story! You know, somehow I feel the race to get ahead has ruined us, got us more money but didn’t make us richer, in fact took away so much more. Only if people could realize that and value relationships more. I mean really value them!! I have seen around Mother’s day / Father’s Day ….people put pictures on FB…I love you MOM and all. But it’s only a show off on social media.

    1. You are right. Materialism has ruined our core values. These Mother’s day/father’s day celebrations were unheard of a few years back. We don’t need just a day to declare our love for our parents. It should reflect in our daily actions.

    1. Distance is sometimes inevitable but physical distance is OK, it’s the emotional distance which breaks relations.

  2. It would be nice to leave you a comment but? there is a poster that tells me the privacy of the text, and is not to copy if not to leave a comment, I can only put one I like not to allow me to translate it

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