Live In The Present

Last week I attended Code M with Virat Chirania. It was basically Yes Plus program offered by Art of Living with lots of added attractions. I had gone there to register my son for the program but ended up repeating the program myself too. Sudarshan Kriya, the processes and knowledge sessions were amazing. Communication skills workshop by Virat was a learning experience. Zumba session by Chirag was the icing on the cake.  On the whole, it was a memorable experience. 

Art of Living programs focus on living in the present moment. When I did my basic course in 2008, this was my key learning and it changed the way I looked at life. I was always lost in the past or worried about the future but living in the present enabled me to be happy and live life fully. Here is a poem on the importance of living in the present moment:

Here, now…

This moment , this present moment

So transitory, so impermanent

Gone even before I blink my eyes!

Yet I keep oscillating between past and future

Like a pendulum, not stopping for a second.

Little do I realize that this moment is all I have,

This present moment to be happy!

Here, now…

Not in the past glories nor amidst the future worries,

This moment, this very moment

Gone with the snap of my fingers!

Yet I keep looking here and there

Like a deer wandering in search of musk

Being oblivious of the joy inside me

Waiting to sprout and shine.

Here, now…

Whether happy or blue, accept and embrace

This moment, this inevitable moment

Gone forever and just a memory of the past!

Wake up and see, my dear

This moment, this present moment is all you’ve got

No past , no future but this moment

To be happy, to be in bliss, to rise and shine!


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



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