I need you

Everyone is seeking love. One falls in love for different reasons but the fact is that we are made up of a substance called love. Love is a basic need of humans and we all need to feel loved and valued in order to be happy and fulfilled. Today’s post is a love poem that I wrote.

I need you

In the silence of the night

To bring me back to life

With your love’s warm delight.

I need you

When life hits with a bad phase.

There’s nothing I can change,

Let me be in your reassuring embrace.

I need you

When troubles pour like rain.

Your love is all I can claim

Whether in pleasure or in pain.

I need you

To be my guiding star.

I know it in my heart

Only you can mend my scars.

I need you

To laugh and sing and play.

There are no more words to say,

Just happiness and joy all the way.

I need you

And I want you to be mine.

With care and passion sublime

May our love always shine!

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



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