The Ocean and The Sparrow

This poem is based on the story of the ocean and the sparrow from our ancient scriptures. If we follow the path of devotion with humility, love and persistent efforts, then even God will help us on our journey.

Frantically searching on the beach here and there,

For someone stole the eggs under her care.

The sparrow was heartbroken beyond compare

Who was the culprit? Where did the eggs disappear?

Grief-stricken sparrow pleaded and cried,

Threatening the ocean, for the last time she tried

“For this heinous crime, your conscience didn’t stop

I vow to dry the ocean till the last drop!”

The ocean laughed and dismissed the threat

A tiny sparrow can’t change his fate!

For he is the ocean, mighty and grand

How could a feeble sparrow in front of him stand?

With love in her heart and determination in spirit,

The sparrow began taking a drop at a time with will made of grit.

She continued and continued against all odds

Her determination was blessed by Garuda, the King of birds.

Garuda commanded the ocean to return the eggs

Fearing the consequences, the ocean obliged and begs.

Determination conquers and pride fails,

In front of love and devotion, ego fails.

Like the eggs, we are drowned in the ocean of pride

Pride, lethargy and egoism has taken its strides.

Humility, love and devotion is what we need to survive

And if we are determined, God Himself will help us revive.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



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