Words of Silence

Unspoken words can cause much suffering. Someone in love yearns to hear those three magical words but silence from the other end makes you doubt and suffer. Our ego often stops us to communicate directly and instead we jump to our own assumptions. Won’t it be better if we just go with the flow and enjoy the moment?

Creeping venomously from your deafening silence

Doubt rears its ugly head in a faint voice of defiance

As I stand stupefied in confusing thoughts lost

And wordlessly suffer every pang it cost.

My thoughts eddying around in blind uncertainty

For how could anyone hurt other purposely

I have been waiting for days and scarcely a word

Only silence of words unuttered and unheard.

Cumbersome silence spells the impending doom

And I stand alone in this awful space of gloom

Smothering the pain ignited by endless desire

With raging tears extinguishing the crimson fire.

And yet experiencing pleasure beyond my imagination

When in my dreams, I can hear our endless conversation.

Brushing aside doubts, I step into the mysterious silence

Gathering my happiness, I sprinkle it like diamonds.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved




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