In His Presence

This poem is dedicated to my spiritual master H.H. Sri Sri Ravishankar ji. In this poem, I have tried to express how I feel in His presence. Whenever he comes on stage to address a gathering or meets his followers, generally the first thing he says is ‘Hmmm…Are you happy?’ Just hearing this simple question fills us with so much joy and gratitude.

You come and gently ask,

“Hmmm…Are you happy?”

And tears well up in my eyes-

Tears of joy, tears of gratitude!

Misery dissolves, doubt vanishes

Sorrow diminishes, joy flourishes.

O Master! Your presence is such a solace

For this weary soul seeking your grace.

I yearn for your flitting glance

So much to convey if I get that chance.

Yet when you look, I’m in blessed silence

Unadulterated happiness and gratitude for your guidance.

So much love and compassion in your eyes

Showering me with blessings, ignoring my vices

Redeeming me from never ending materialistic cycle

Life is now nothing but a series of miracles.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved




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