Want the Best WhatsApp Status?

 Are you bored using the same old WhatsApp status?

Do you want the Best WhatsApp Status which is witty, thought provoking and grabs more eyeballs? Look no further…..

My cousin loves changing her WhatsApp status every other day. I was amazed at the unique and witty statuses she posts and so I asked her how she comes up with all these funny ideas. In reply, she sent me a link to this amazing website Whatsstatus which has more than 16,000 statues from witty to humorous to thought-provoking….Whatever your mood, you will find a status accordingly.

Some of my favorites are:

  • I never feel lonely – because I always enjoy my own company.
  • Self confidence is the root point of my existence!
  • Love is nothing but a subtle trouble actually!
  • Show your ethereal compassion – to your real enemy also – God will endow you surely.
  • Every burden is a blessing for experience.


  • Status messages are free to use.
  • New and unique statuses are added daily.
  • There are over 60 status categories ranging from love, life, inspirational, sad, friendship, funny, spiritual to some uncommon ones like food, annoying, insult, crush etc. I am sure with such wide choices available, you are sure to find that perfect status for your current state of mind.
  • More than 16,000 statuses have been published on the site till date.
  • Thousands of writers are associated with the site who write unique, creative statuses everyday.
  • Users can vote for their favorite statuses. The most voted ones are listed in the Top Status page.
  • And here comes the best part- You can even earn from the site by submitting your unique, creative statuses. The site has already paid more than Rs 17000/- to its contributors.

Here’s a snapshot of the Contributors’ Earnings Page:

You want to earn from the site? Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for the site by filling the online application form.
  • Start writing unique and creative statuses. You have over 60 categories to choose from.
  • Submit as many statuses as you can for approval.
  • You will be paid Rs 1/- for each approved status for first 200 statuses and afterwards Rs 2/- per approved status.

So whether you want to earn or just want to have fun by flaunting cool whatsapp statuses, Whatsstatus is the place to be!


Disclaimer: This is a promotional post.

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