Seeking thy blessings

Mind is constantly playing games and the biggest challenge on the spiritual path is to tame the mind. When one sits for meditation or for chanting, all sorts of thoughts keep bombarding the mind.The biggest hurdle while chanting is the aimless wanderings of the mind. We cannot banish the thoughts from our mind but we can learn to be in harmony with them by keeping our focus on the Holy Names. It’s by Krishna’s mercy and blessings only that one can aspire to chant with enthusiasm and concentration.

Sitting and chanting the Holy Names
While the mind is constantly playing games
With devotion, I wholeheartedly surrender
Yet this mind continues to wander.
An endless struggle to tame the mind
Seeking benevolent mercy of the Lord so kind
To experience the higher state of bliss
In chanting the names- such a delightful feast.
I long for the spirit of real humility
To engage in your service with all my ability
Bereft of pride, grudges and the worldly show
O Lord! Make me ‘Akinchana’ without false ego.

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



    1. Thank you! In front of Krishna, we are actually nothing. A devotee knows his true place and should approach the Lord in the same way.

    1. A sincere seeker should have this approach- I am nothing. I just pray to Krishna for that kind of humility.

    1. Thank you! It’s difficult to control the wandering mind and that’s why during meditation, we don’t resist thoughts but try to be in harmony with them.

        1. Effective it is, for sure. If you’d like to try, I can send you some guided meditation where you can experience the same.

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