5 Myths about Happiness

Happiness is something which we all seek and yet happiness keeps eluding us.  As children, we used to be happy. We didn’t have to make efforts in order to be happy. But as we grew up, happiness also became a goal like our various other materialistic goals. There are various myths which prevent us from being happy.

Here are top 5 myths about happiness:

  1. I will be happy if: Happiness should be unconditional. If you are linking your happiness to some external factors or conditions then happiness is always going to be a distant dream or short-lived one. Some conditions might never get fulfilled and even if they do, your mind will propel you towards some other condition or desire. Lower your expectations and be happy come what may.
  2. Everything should be perfect: Perfection is a major deterrent on the path of happiness. Many people believe that everything should be perfect in order to be happy. But perfection is rare. Rarely do we find perfection in all spheres of life. Imperfections are what make us perfect. If we keep looking for perfection then we will never be happy.
  3. I will be happy when: Happiness is often postponed to future. I will be happy when I meet the man of my dreams or when I get the ideal job or when I travel abroad and so on. Happiness is neither in the past nor future but only in the present moment. Try living mindfully. Live in the present moment because that’s where happiness lies.
  4. Professional Success makes you happy: Success in career brings happiness but temporarily. There are so many milestones to achieve in career. Slogging hard to achieve one goal after the other keeps the rat race going. And what if the desired goal is not achieved?
  5. The best part of my life is gone: Some people consider the college years to be best part of their lives. Those in college are nostalgic about the school days. The married ones long for their bachelorhood days. Living in the past is of no use because it’s past…gone forever. Craving for what is already gone is not going to make you happy.

Happiest people are the ones who live in the moment and go with the flow. They make the best of every situation and always have an attitude of gratitude. They know that happiness is an inside job.

Happiness is a choice that we have to make for ourselves. We all deserve happiness!

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  1. Absolutely agree with you Shaloo. Happiness is a state of mind and not related to external stimuli.The moment is becomes conditional it is fleeting and short lived and not true happiness!

  2. We must stop chasing happiness on those myths to be happy.
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  3. Actually when I was a child I always longed for becoming an adult. I wanted to be independent, mature and to understand adults’ life. Actually childhood happiness sometimes seems to me adults’ nostalgy.

    1. It happens with most of us. As a child, we long to be an adult. And as adults, we wish to become a child once again.

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