Book Review: Shopaholic Ties The Knot

Shopaholic series is undoubtedly one of the best chick-lit series I’ve read! Becky Bloomwood is annoying but still adorable. She has her issues. She can’t help shopping and keeps on getting into debt. She keeps lying and delaying things and that lands her in even more trouble. But inspite of all her faults, you somehow can’t help loving her.Becky and Luke have decided to get married. Becky’s mother plans to organize an English wedding in her backyard. But Becky still accepts Luke’s mother Elinor’s offer to organize a top-notch New York wedding at the Plaza which has ‘Sleeping Beauty’ as the theme and promises all the glitz and glamour which Becky has dreamt about since childhood. And Becky doesn’t want to break her mother’s heart and so keeps delaying telling her mother. By the time, she figures out which kind of wedding she wants to have, it’s too late and she is neck deep in trouble.

The Shopaholic series is seriously addictive. Becky can be highly annoying and I really wonder how Luke puts up with her! There are moments where I would like to smack some sense into her. But just when she thinks she has lost all, she gets into her element and emerges as a winner at the end. I thought that Becky would have learnt from her past mistakes by now but no…she is incorrigible.

Again, like the previous two, the book is written in an easy, humourous way. It’s a quick read and you can finish the book in a day or two. Though I liked the previous two books in the series better but still this book is a worthy sequel. If you haven’t yet read any of the books in the series, then go ahead and pick one. Happy reading!

Title: Shopaholic Ties The Knot

Author: Sophie Kinsella

Series: Shopaholic #3

Originally Published: 2002

Publisher: Dell Publishing Company

Preceded by: Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

Genre: Chicklit, Humour

Page Count: 328

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