Be Content

How to be content?

We are discontent when we have some unfulfilled desires. Unless the desires are fulfilled, we cannot be content. There is always dissatisfaction and we keep on hankering after our desires. So there are only two ways to be content- Drop the desires or have faith that the desires will be fulfilled.

Drop the desires- easier said than done! It’s very hard to drop the desires for most of the materialistic people. We may read the scriptures and get the spiritual knowledge but even that is not enough. We know that everything is temporary and one day everybody has to die but still we are not ready to let go of the attachments. Simply having knowledge is not sufficient to get us rid of the desires unless we are able to put that knowledge into practice.

So in case you cannot drop the desires, there is another easier way to be content. Have faith that your desires will be fulfilled. Pray with devotion and have faith that God will bless you with whatever is best for you. Pray, work hard for whatever you desire and wait patiently knowing that you will be taken care of. When you have faith and when you surrender to the divine, your mind will calm and contentment will dawn.

Ask, believe, and receive. And don’t forget to smile and be content!


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    1. Thank you! Generally people have a tendency to supply knowledge but rarely do they apply it to their own life.

  1. I like to be patient and wait, the things I desire or wish for, generally always, at some point, come along. If it’s a small or a big thing….. I have healthy food in my belly, I have a roof over my head, the health of my family is good, I have work, I have the companionship of a beautiful cat and dog, I live in an amazing place…. I enjoy every day, I enjoy the simple things, like watching my garden grow, watching it in all it’s glory…. I am truly content! Thank you for your post Shaloo! ?

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