Love no more…

Falling in love is akin to a burning candle. It lights up your world initially but gradually it starts melting and the hot wax burns your fingers. Finally the flame goes off leaving you in darkness and you are left burnt, hurt and nursing your broken heart.

Hiding behind the facade of strength
Around my vulnerable heart, I create a fence.
Smiling under the pretence of moving on
Yet my bleeding heart is now not my own.
Romantic notions of love pure and innocent
Little did I know, to you lust was all that meant.
My Prince charming, my knight in shining armour
Ruthlessly you left after trampling my honour.
I gave you my all- my heart and my soul
I had no doubt that love will conquer all.
For being gullible, I have paid a price
This hurt, this pain should be no surprise.
I worshipped you thinking you were my soulmate
Betrayal and deceit have now become my fate.
You took away my peace, my life has gone for a toss
Losing faith in love has been my greatest loss.

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



  1. Inspiring poem indeed the complexion and adventures of love are what makes them even more intriguing and curious.I think with time the pain in our heart is a lesson for our future act.

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