The Eternal Struggle

Today’s poem is based on the story of the good dog and the bad dog from The Bible. Nobody is born evil. We all are children of the God. He has put the same traits in us- some virtues and some vices. There is an eternal struggle going on between the good and the bad. Each tries to dominate an individual. It’s up to us to decide. The one we feed more will rule us. The choice is ours!

God created both-

The Saint and the Satan

One revered and the other despised

And they co-exist within us.

The Saint and the Satan

The Good and the Evil

Within the hearts and minds of us

And a constant struggle to dominate.

The bad dog…

Howling for vengeance

For immorality and deceit

For reckless, ruthless action.

The good dog…

Calling out for morality

For integrity and devotion

For peace and love.

The fight is on…

Every day, every hour, every second.

Which dog will win and rule?

The one who is strong, the one we feed.

The battle is on…

Feed the good dog, ignoring the bad

By the choices you make

By the values you choose

Conquering greed with charity

Suppressing hate with love

Extinguishing anger with forgiveness

Replacing apathy with compassion.

Nourish the positive, good dog

And let the bad dog starve and die.

With the right choices and the will

Let the Saint in you shine bright!


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved




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