Krishna – My Saviour

Spiritual journey is never easy. There are so many doubts and challenges on the path but only faith and devotion will carry you along. I am a devotee of Lord Krishna but there had been a time when I really doubted His existence. It was His mercy that I was pulled out of that dark phase and now I tread fearlessly on the path because I know that no matter what, Krishna is always by my side.

As the parched earth rejuvenates by the rain

And a little seed germinates and a new life is born,

A ray of hope kindles amidst this heart full of pain

And you stand there smiling as I mourn!

Are you the one? I doubt your existence

Every pore of my being is filled with resistance.

Queries and doubts rise like a serpent

And the anger in me began to ferment.

So many questions, so many accusations

I kept on and on till I exhaust with perspiration.

And you stand there smiling, not a word in defense

How could I understand the language of silence?

You captivate me with your smile and gently chide

Still not a word but the agitation subsides.

Smiling lovingly, you pulled me from dark abyss

In your presence, I am in bliss.

Under your hypnotic gaze, my soul nourishes,

Sorrow diminishes, joy flourishes!


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



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