To My Furry Friends

Happiness is having a dog. I have had pet dogs since childhood. We brought home an adorable one month old white Pomeranian when I was in Class VI. We named him Jackie and he was with us for sixteen long years. I had another Pomeranian Bonzo whom I lost three years back. He was with me for nine years. Currently I have a seven years old pug Doodle who is always sleepy but makes my home vibrant with his presence. This poem is dedicated to all my furry friends who filled my life with so much joy with their unconditional love.

Life is so much better with a dog

Together we enjoy simple pleasure of a jog.

You don’t judge others, you don’t hate

Unlike us, you don’t discriminate.

You are loyal and quick to forgive

And I will love you as long as I live.

Sometimes you just sit close and listen

In rapt attention, how your eyes glisten!

You love unconditionally bringing joy and cheer

Whenever I beckon, you are quick to appear.

Your selfless nature brought a change in my attitude

And now I too accept all of life’s treats with gratitude.

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



  1. One of the highlights of my childhood were the pet dogs I had growing up. I’ve lived in apartments and small spaces since 1989 so since then I’ve had cats. Feline joy. If I owned a house I would have dogs once again.

    1. At least, you have had pets through out. In India, keeping cats as pets is not very common. People generally prefer dogs here.

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