Life Lessons Learnt During Challenges

Last 3-4 years have been quite frustrating for me due to challenges in my career. Inspite of daily meditations & spiritual practices, I was sinking into depression and hopelessness. I knew the negative thoughts were doing me no good but I just couldn’t push them out of my head.

And like a fresh breeze of air, came Krsna in my life. I went to the local ISKCON temple one day and just fell in love with the Lord. The time spent chanting the holy names in the presence of the Lord, the profound knowledge, the blissful kirtans brought me back to life and to my normal self. I regained the smile on my face, gratitude in my heart and peace in my mind.

Finally I was bold enough to walk out of a job which was adding no value to my life except for stress and frustration. I had been procrastinating the choice between money and happiness but I made my decision and I chose happiness.

It’s been two years that I quit the job I loved so much. There are valuable lessons I learnt during those stressful months, lessons which helped me overcome my frustrations and have a new look on the whole situation in my life.

  • When our kindness is not reciprocated in the same way, we become unhappy. Good people become sad when they are betrayed by others. Just remember that nobody can take away from you, whatever is there in your destiny. Stop being unhappy about how others treat you. Just be happy knowing that God is there to take care of you.
  • Love your work but don’t become too attached with your company. You never know when your company may stop loving you.
  • You are responsible for your happiness. Nobody else has the power to make you unhappy but it’s your reactions & thought processes which make you unhappy.
  • We all have weaknesses in us which limit our potential if left unaddressed. Discover them. Recognize them. And learn to overcome them by seeking the help of others.
  • The company we keep bring us inspiration or derail our progress. Choose your friends wisely. If someone is always complaining and being negative then it is better to avoid them.
  • Faith & surrender can help you overcome your biggest hurdles in life. Whenever in doubt, have faith that the divine is there for you. Events may come and go, but you be rock solid in your faith.
  • Some people come in your life as lessons and some as blessings. Be grateful for both.

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  1. I was glad to read about how you overcame your stressful life and surrendered all your problems to HIS feet, which in turn has given you peace and happiness. My mother always advises the same to us. Very inspiring post Shaloo!

  2. Shalluji, Very inspiring. I too was in similar dilemma and last year left a very high salaried job. I left in a fit of rage without having other option in my hand. Exactly at the same time market started collapsing and jobs shrink started. There are no jobs available for sr. people with high salary. I tried my hands in other business but Demon and other issues cropped up. as if this was not enough, I lost my mother. Now I am loosing health day by day and i am in an absolute hopeless situation. I had been to ISKCON day before yesterday and I just remembered you. I prayed Krishna and I hope I become sincere in my prayers. I am a highly undisciplined and lazy fellow who though love to be Spiritual but seldom practice what Gurus recommend. I also follow Radhanath Swami and read his books and watch his videos. Hope Krishna will be merciful on me and I regain back my life.

    1. I can understand. I was jobless for almost one and a half years which was quite a frustrating time for me. By Krishna’s mercy, I got a good job recently and life is somewhat back on track. Have faith in Krishna. Be in gratitude. Hard times shall also pass!

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