Being in love is an ecstatic feeling. You long and yearn for your beloved all the time. Trapped by love, you want commitment. You need an assurance that he/she is yours forever. The ecstasy of love is now replaced with a constant mental dilemma and agony.

Trying to interpret your thoughts, I wonder

If an enchanted, magical spell you’re under.

Do you feel the ecstasy and the pain, I ponder

Or is falling in love with you one big blunder?

Sometimes I feel you’re too scared to commit

Or is it that you don’t believe in love even a bit?

Trapped by love and passion, I am ready to submit,

Falling hopelessly in the depths of an endless pit.

This captive heart is under your dreamy spell

In your thoughts forever I long to dwell.

Are you in my destiny, only time will tell

And till then I pine and suffer in the living hell.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved




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