A New Dawn

I was sitting in my office one afternoon filled with despair over everything that was happening around me. It was a low point in my life and I was quite dejected and miserable inspite of telling myself again and again that this shall also pass. Suddenly the weather outside changed and the sky was filled with dark clouds. It rained incessantly for two hours and then it stopped all of a sudden. From my window, everything outside looked so calm, still and fresh. It seemed as if everyone was rejuvenated and life was ready to make a fresh beginning. I wrote this poem that afternoon narrating the learning that nature taught me that day.

Dark clouds came drifting by in the clear blue skies

Eclipsing the Sun with a deafening sound of thunder

Sinister darkness looms large

Signaling the approach of a raging storm.

Rain God opens its flood gates

Playing havoc all around

As if Shiva has opened his Third Eye

And everything reduces to ashes.

The skies are clear again bringing a new dawn

With new hopes and promise of a better day

And the life leaps up to the promise

Mending the scars of the destruction and moves on.


© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved




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