An Endless Wait

The uncertainty in love is the hardest to bear. We are often hesitant to express our love for various reasons and in doing so, we suffer. We always want the other person to say it first and wait for the same.

From a distance I can feel your gentle glance
Enough to send me into a blissful trance.
As if the constellations around me reel and dance
With hazy eyes, I dream of a budding romance.
Though I understand the words still unspoken
And in my heart I know you are the one
Who holds the key to the lock which is not open
But still I ponder if my heart will be broken.
In a dilemma if I should go ahead and propose
But shouldn’t he say it first, this is how it goes.
The confusion and uncertainty within me grows
But it is possible he might say no, who knows!
Lost in the silence and feelings of love
I pray to the angels that soar above.
And patiently I wait for the light of love
Till I get blessings from the God above.

© 2017 Shaloo Walia All rights reserved



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